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Reawakened-Swan Queen bits Chapters 3-7


Just as they got to his bed, Regina saw them and came to intercept. “I’m not sure what you think you’re doing in this town, Nancy Drew,” Regina said to Emma, “but I’m getting tired of the disruptions you’ve begun to cause.” She glanced at Mary Margaret and said, “There seem to be a whole lot more…conflicts in Storybrooke since you’ve been here, Ms. Swan. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”
“Maybe it’s not,” Emma said. “Maybe you’re right.”
Regina glared back, trying to figure out what Emma might have meant. Emma herself didn’t know, but she liked the reaction she’d gotten.


Emma Swan was sitting with her feet up on the sheriff’s desk when Regina stormed into the office. Emma glanced at her and didn’t move.
“So wonderful to see you, Regina,” she said.
“Wonderful,” Regina said with disdain. “Doing your civic duty, then?”
“I’m on break, lady,” Emma said, scowling at her. “What do you want?”


Regina cried out before she could finish.
A wall of flame had greeted Regina as she pulled open the door, sending her backward into Emma, then to the ground. She fell hard against the stairs they’d just come down, and Emma, holding the railing for balance and holding her other arm up to protect her face from the heat, looked down and saw that Regina was holding her ankle.
We’re both gonna burn up in here, Emma thought, but she put the thought out of her mind and knelt down beside Regina.
“Come on,” she said.
“I can’t walk,” Regina said, eyeing the flames behind Emma.
“The whole building is on fire.” She locked eyes with Emma. “You have to—you have to get me out of here.”
Emma, not one to hesitate, got up, and burst into the burning lobby of Town Hall, found a fire extinguisher, and started blowing frosted foam around herself and the doorway to the stairs, creating a pathway that would lead them both to safety. She went back for Regina then, and she swore, before picking her up into her arms, that Regina seemed surprised that she’d returned. What does she think, I would leave her? Emma wondered, hoisting her rival into her arms. She carried her carefully through the burning lobby, sticking close to the path she’d sprayed.
Emma kicked open the door and saw police cars, fire trucks, and reporters clustered together in the circular driveway, all of them wide-eyed at the image before them: The sheriff, coated in soot and sweat, carrying the mayor out of a burning building.
The cameras all began to flash and snap.
“Put me down,” Regina said. “Put me down.”
EMTs rushed to them as Emma gently lowered Regina to the ground, panting as she did so. “You’re complaining about how I saved your life?”
“I seriously doubt you saved my life,” Regina said, pushing an oxygen mask away, scowling. “Where is Sidney?” she cried.
Then, to Emma: “I doubt there was much danger.”
Emma shook her head, stood, and stepped back as the authorities tended to their mayor.
There was no winning with this woman.


“Regina,” Emma said, “I didn’t know about it, but I can’t condone it, and I can’t benefit from it. You could have been hurt. What’s most important is to tell the truth about what happened.”

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